To Artists and Bands,

My name is Jean Beauvoir and I’m the President and founder of Real Music Opportunities.

The music business is changing rapidly and now there are opportunities surfacing to get your music directly to the fans. It’s not like the old days where X amount of Artists/Bands were signed to a few labels and they were the chosen ones who would share all the fruits.

Technology has changed all of this, enabling Artists/Bands to make great music cost effectively and distribute it across the globe. The only problem is, everyone can do it! So that means you have hundreds of millions of bands with the same idea and the same capabilities trying to be seen and heard which creates a new challenge.

Whether we like it or not, the value of music has gone down, but so has the expense of making it. I believe that with the decline of sales, music has become more so, a form of promotion to be monetized through live performance, merchandising and through building and giving value to your brand, but you need visibility.

I started RMO to deliver opportunities to Artists/Bands through music supervision for Films, TV, Games and Brands providing the industry with top notch music for their needs. Through my many years as an Artist, band member and leader, producer, songwriter, label, publishing and music executive, I’ve built a network of reliable sources that I feel will help accomplish my goal, which is to provide Artists/Bands with viable, meaningful, outlets that give them visibility to millions of potential fans.

As an executive and Music Supervisor prior to starting Real Music Opportunities, I’ve been responsible for Artist programs with AT&T, Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, ESPN, Rolling Rock, Pepsi, Hard Rock, MTV, VH1, NASCAR, Budweiser, Hawaiian Tropic, FYE, Teen Vogue and more… On the film side, as an Artist/Producer/Writer – School Of Rock, COBRA, The Guilty, Christmas With The Kranks, Pet Sematary, Rock and Rock High School Forever, Unthinkable, RV, Berlin Nights and more…

The first opportunity was in partnership with ESPN for College Football 2011, The Worlwide Leader in Sports.

I’m proud to bring you a new opportunity with ESPN for the ESPN-U “UNITE” TV show, which will start airing late August 2012. We are accepting submissions through ReverbNation, all genres.

If you don’t have a ReverbNation webpage yet, create one at www.reverbnation.com and check your inbox for submission details.

Stay tuned for more upcoming opportunities!


Jean Beauvoir – President
Real Music Opportunities

About Jean Beauvoir

An established Artist, Producer and Songwriter who has worked in all aspects of the music business. Originally from the legendary PLASMATICS where he first acheived international success. He went on to become an international platinum solo artist. Has written and produced songs for/with KISS, The Ramones, The Pretenders, N’SYNC, Lionel Richie, Debbie Harry and many others. He’s shared stages with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band,, Bon Jovi, Dave Mathews, David Bowie, The Who, U2, Aerosmith, Van Halen and many others. As an executive, he’s had partnerships and business relationships with industry luminaries such as Richard Branson, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Ted Fields, Jimmy Iovine and Lance Freed to name a few.

His various companies have partnered and created programs with companies throughout the world including, Hard Rock International, Pepsi, Dunkin Donuts, Rolling Rock, IMG, ABC, ESPN, Interscope, Virgin, Columbia, Sony, SBK, EMI, Polygram, Avex, Edel, BMG and Universal Music Group..
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